Complete Kitchen Project

Industrial and Commercial Kitchen Plant:


“Systems” offers innovative solutions to the most demanding and intensive users. Our primary aim is to make our customers’ operations more efficient whilst maintaining the highest hygiene and safety standards.

We understand the requirements of busy professionals, whether they work for luxury hotels, large corporations, vessels and cruise ships, airlines, hospitals, event and convention centers or the food industry.

We also offer tailored systems to retirement homes and cafeterias within companies and institutions. In short, Systems offers professional solutions to anyone catering under very demanding circumstances.


Our capabilities:

• Consulting Services
• Design (CD, BD & DD)
• Supply
• Installation and Commissioning

Our Range Product

• Rafrigaration Equipment
• Rice and Other Cooking
• Pasta cooker
• Ovens
• ICE Marker & refrigerators
• Coffee Machine
• Modular Cooking
• Food Processing Equipment
• Restaurant fire suppression system
• Trolleys
• Servery equipment
• Merchandising, serving & warming
• Fryers
• Glass washers equipment
• Dishwashing equipment
• Beverage machines
• Blenders
• Ventilation
• Grills
• Broilers
• Freezers