WFI Generation

Water for Injection (WFI) Generation / Multiple-Effect Water Stills:

The Multiple effect stills consist of a series of pressure vessels in the form of columns, called distillation columns or effects, that are interconnected, communicating vessels. Each column is divided into two parts:

  1. A double tube sheet (DTS) heat exchanger that acts as an evaporator,
  2. And an upper chamber used to separate pyrogens preventing the drops carrying impurities from reaching the end of the column.

The group is supplied as a compact unit on a skid with all components readily accessible.

Accessories & Options


  • Inlet water conductivity monitoring
  • Point to obtain pure steam from the first column
  • Condenser for higher WFI
  • Hot stand-by mode
  • Sanitization/Sterilization of the different columns and WFI condensers Protection panels


Pharmaceutical water, defined in the European Ph and the USP, is used for preparing parenterally administered medicines, when the water is used as a vehicle (bulk water for injection) and to dissolve or dilute substances or preparations for parenteral administration before use (sterilized water for injection). According to the Ph Eur 4, water for injection can only be produced by distillation, using drinking or purified water as a source.

Product Overview:


“SYSTEMS” is the proud distributor of STERIS Corporation, USA.

STERIS’ Finn Aqua T-Series Multiple Effect Water Stills uses an enhanced falling film evaporation technology that removes impurities at high velocities, delivering the highest quality water for injection.

How The Finn-Aqua T-Series Multiple Effect Water Stills Works:

STERIS’ Finn-Aqua T-Series Multiple Effect Water Still uses a staged evaporation and condensation process to produce water for injection. Plant steam is applied only to the first column evaporator (effect) with the subsequent columns using the steam produced in the previous column as the source of energy. Similarly, cooling water is applied only at the condenser to condense pure steam into water for injection. The columns subsequent to the first column use feed water as the cooling source, which is evaporated, as the pure steam from the preceding column is condensed producing water for injection. Produced distillate and remaining pure steam is condensed in the condenser and flowing further to the plant’s water for injection tank.


Why Finn-Aqua T-Series Multiple Effect Water Stills?

Cost Savings – Patented column design helps lower energy consumption.

Easy to Maintain – Latest PLC controls and commercially available components enable lower maintenance costs.

Highest WFI Quality – Patented three stage pyrogen separation and continuous blowdown removal from each distillation column.

Productivity – Proportional capacity control minimizes starts/stops.

Easy to Validate – Units are fully tested and pre-validated to customer specifications during factory qualification.