Commercial & Industrial Laundry




SYSTEMS is the proud exclusive distributor of GIRBAU, is a multinational corporation that has cemented its position as one of the global leading groups in the manufacture of innovative solutions for the world of laundry, based on an industrial product and on a global market.

The GIRBAU community supplies simple, dependable solutions that offer its clients profitability and innovation.

We have an experienced sales & service team able to advice on all aspects of laundry operation including design and specification.

Where necessary, installation can be arranged and ultimately the equipment is commissioned and handed over with training as required. We then provide service back up or extended warranty options to ensure you get the best results from your investment.


Specialization: Four business units

  1. Commercial: for small and medium-sized in-house laundries
  2. Vended: for self-service laundries with the shared goal of creating profitable businesses for owners and pleasant places for users.
  3. Industrial: aimed at high-volume industrial laundries for which Girbau provides the best possible equipment, rational linen circulation flows, automation of processes, minimum energy consumption and care for the environment.
  4. Service: SYSTEMS does not sell machines. It sells solutions. This division’s work ranges from the traditional essential role, such as after-sales services, to ground-breaking new services (finance, online service, support and training etc.

Our Capabilities………….

Soft Mount washer
Suitable for Industry,
Hospital and Clinics
Hard mount washer
Sanitary Barrier Washer Extractor - Medical
Special laundry equipment created for
Hospitals, clinics, Pharmaceutical and all kinds of sanitary establishments that comply with the strictest hygienic standards and regulations.
Batch washer