Oral Solid Doses

Oral Solid Dosage Forms:


SYSTEMS supplies engineering services, process equipment and technologies for the production of oral solid dosage forms to customers in the life science industries from world renowned sources. Activities include partnering with customers to propose new products and enhance clinical effectiveness, the supply of R&D-scale and standalone production equipment and completely integrated production lines.

We provide proven solutions for the most challenging dosage forms, such as oncology drugs, MUPS tablets, effervescent and multi-layer pellets, as well as granules, dragées, crystals and pellets, modified release formulations, solid dispersions for bioavailability enhancement, powders designed for direct tableting or capsule filling, cytostatics and oncology medicines, hormones and antibiotics/anti-infectives. As containment experts, we not only offer the largest variety of solutions for contained processing, but also unrivalled experience in identifying the most appropriate solution based on a containment risk analysis.


From Powder to Coated Tablet:


We offers the complete range of tableting technologies, from powder handling to granulating, drying, compression and coating, including the first ever continuous high shear granulation, drying and tableting system, which is set to revolutionize oral solid dosage processing.


Process Integration:

Our entire range of process equipment is designed with system integration in mind. A modular approach allows customers to select standard process modules to suit project needs. Fluid bed dryers and coaters can be combined with top-drive and bottom-drive high shear mixer/granulators, wet and dry milling facilities, product handling systems, binder and coating preparation units, filtration units, tablet presses, all designed for fully integrated systems. Safety, containment, product flow and building requirements are in-built for full integration for optimum process efficiency.


Complete Granulation Suites:



Our machines and equipment for the mixing, granulating, drying and coating processes are used by leading companies around the country. The ranges of machines are the product of proven reliability and know-how gained from the handling of many products in a wide variety of applications. Our production and laboratory machines symbolize innovative pharmaceutical production equipment of the consistently highest quality.

Systems” responds to the many applications and demands of pharmaceutical processing  with a technically mature and diverse product portfolio. This leads to the Single pot granulators (single pot

processors), coaters, granulators and fluid bed processors being produced to the highest quality standards. All production scale equipment is designed for WIP or CIP cleaning.

We can provide complete closed system as well as conventional system with pneumatic conveying system.


Tableting – Tablet Presses:


With today’s increasingly complex formulations, an understanding of the science underlying the tableting process is key to high yield and productivity. With more than 15 years of Experience, service and quality “Systems” has a long pedigree of introducing groundbreaking developments in tablet compression:


From manual to fully automatic rotary presses for R&D, pilot-scale and full production, presses for normal, cleanroom, continuous, contained and highly contained environments, and presses for the production of single- and bi-layer tablets, SYSTEMS has it all. Our capability include a unique technology that independently and simultaneously measures and controls both tablet weight and hardness, and a weight control system that provides increased sensitivity at lower forces. Our presses offer an extended dwell time — up to 300% — resulting in higher outputs and enhanced productivity.



Product Range

◙ Lab Scale

◙ Production Scale

◙ Bolus/ Slugging

◙ Dies & Punches

◙ Tablet Press Accessories


Tablet Coating System:



Technology at the highest stage………..


The machine allows versatile applications with precise coating results. Sugar coating, hydrous coating or even coating with organic solutions – no challenge for our coating system. The high efficiency design also allows the use of more critical coating processes like functional coatings or humidity- sensitive cores.


Ergonomic Design: The spraying arm and front door can be easily swiveled. This design guarantees wide front accessibility to all functionally relevant parts as well as simple changing of the drums.


The perforated drum presents ideal conditions for any kind of tables and coatings. The special drum surface finish and tablet “flow” system in the machine assure gentle processes for sensitive products.


During the process the nozzles are automatically cleaned by a cleaning needle system. A hygienic spraying arm made of Titanium with inside supply lines is included in the basic design. Thus there are no hoses and couplings in the process chamber.


Hard Capsule Filling Machine:

Encapsulation is the filling of empty capsules with the desired drug. It is done using two principles viz. Tamping and Dosating. Our machines work on both these principles. In both the principles, the powder formulation is formed into a slug which is delivered to the body of the capsules. This process ensures encapsulating hard gelatin capsules with precise dose, gives better weight control and with improved yield. Automatic capsule-filling machines are designed to cater to a wide range of formulation with powder/granules, pellets/sustained release spherical pellets, tablets, filled capsules and combination of these.

These machines are provided with productivity enhancing features, which can be handled by a single operator.



Unique Features: 

  • Conforming to CGMP.
  • Unique Automatic Line Capsule Filling Process.
  • A precise dosing system for better yield by Tamping Pins Powder Dozing System.
  • High degree of safety – viz. safety interlocks stops machine in case doors are opened.
  • Better control over process parameters by usage of PLC base control system.
  • State-of-the-art Touch Screen Human Machine Interface
  • All parts that come in contact with formulation are made of stainless steel. ( AISI SS 316 )
  • The ACVF drive gives you immense feasibility to optimize the machine for the trickiest formulation.
  • Closing station is so designed that the chances of telescopic capsules are minimized
  • Better yield due to high filling accuracy and less powder wastage.
  • All parts that come in contact with formulation are made of stainless steel / ELNP
  • Easy and fast changeover from size to size or formulation to formulation
  • Automatic shut off on malfunction with visual display to identify the fault
  • Savings in manpower costs.
  • Capsule can fill : Size:”00” + “0el” + “0” + “1” + “2” + “3” & “4”
  • Possible combination filling for Powder, Pellet, & Tablet are (pellet attachments are optional)
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Machine’s Working Condition:

  • Environment Temp. : 22 oC to 24 oC
  • Relative Humidity : 40% – 50% RH
  • Powder Granularity : 40-80 mesh

Product Range:

  • Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
  • Semi-Auto Capsule Filling Machine
  • Manual Capsule Filling Machine