Oral Liquid

Complete Oral Liquids (Syrups/suspensions) Production line:


SYSTEMS offers complete liquid production plant starting form liquid preparation to secondary packaging.


Complete liquid process lines:



We supply and implement the optimum solution for each client, instead of delivering series-produced standard models. All this, while maintaining competitive prices. We can complete each liquid production vessel with accessories, such as temperature control skids, CIP/SIP cleaning systems and auxiliary tanks, integrating everything into your production plant.




  • Hygiene safety:

Sanitary-design stirrers meeting ASME BPE standards that maintain seal tightness and vacuum conditions. CIP/SIP cleaning process can be easily integrated in the vessel.

  • Easy loading of raw materials via vacuum or other systems:

Complete emptying of vessel guaranteed, in accordance with ASME BPE standards.

  • Customizable capacity according to the client’s requirements:

Vessels equipped with magnetic mixers allow working from 10-15% up to 100% of its usable volume.

  • Control system:

With the customized software designed by manufacturer you can automate recipes, record process variables, adjust dosing and manage the heating/cooling process with temperature control. Delivery with CE or UL markings and optional compliance with Title 21 CFR Part 11 Regulations.

  • The plant is designed to be operated by single operator, saving on precious man- power cost.
  • Sugar syrup is transferred to manufacturing vessel through online sugar syrup prefilter.
  • Entry of all propeller agitations are from bottom / Top through a specially designed seal face
  • Pipes, pipe fittings and various Parts are of SS 316, seamless, internally electropolsihed with DIN standard unions and silicon gaskets.


  • Optional Supervision System:

Integration of equipment control in a SCADA system for remote control and maintenance support.


Complete Packaging Line:

SYSTEMS – Supplier of innovative Liquid packaging Technology

Filling systems for liquid substances require a special type of Packaging Machines, used in a verity of industries specially in the pharmaceutical industry.


Filling technologies used for packaging liquids are subject to a broad range of requirements and regulations; from strict hygiene conditions and high precision requirements for filling and dosing in the pharmaceutical sector.

To comply with technical and legal requirements of each application, filling systems must be individually customized based on the needs of each client. When you request a solution for a filling or dosing system, we examines all of the technical details and conditions based on your needs and accordingly our principal develops the perfect filling machines in a team effort with you. The solution may include semi-automatic or fully automatic filling machines for liquid substances.


SYSTEMS offers an innovative range of machines to meet the unique needs of the pharmaceutical industry. When combined with intelligent process equipment, downtime in the filling of bottles are reduced considerably, and the process becomes more efficient. Smart filling and packaging processes also reduce product losses significantly.


In the non-sterile, milliliter-accurate filling of liquid pharmaceuticals, our equipment is the tool of choice for companies all over the world. Whether you require monoblock machines or complete packaging lines, SYSTEMS perfectly meets a variety of requirements in the pharmaceutical sector. Our product range includes highly individualized solutions in GMP-compliant manufacturing (Good Manufacturing Practices) and a diverse program for cleaning, filling and closing or assembly packaging.


Complete Production Process Flow Chart as below: